Pearl Harbor Yacht Club offers a lot for sailors of all ages. Whether you like serious racing or sailing off into the sunset, there's a place for you at PHYC. Our club has the privilege of participating  at other Yacht Clubs on Oahu for regattas and clinics as we are entrusted to transport our equipment to these events. We also host club events at Rainbow Bay Marina. 

Learn to Sail!

MWR SAILING CLASSES at RAINBOW BAY MARINA (Military / DoD only) - To sign up call or text 808-781-6318, email or stop by Hickam Harbor Marina office. New classes each month! Private lessons available and some weekend classes. 


Wahine Series - 2023 - NOS

2023 Wahine Racing Series NOS (1-29-23).docx.pdf

Wahine Sailing Series is for Wahine of all ages! Get involved with the variety of opportunities throughout the season. Pearl Harbor Yacht Club will host one of the regattas each year at Rainbow Bay Marina. Talk with our PHYC Wahine Rep for more information.

Hawaii Laser Association

Do you like to race Lasers? Hawaii Laser Association (HLA) is series of nine regattas scheduled by HLA and hosted by various yacht clubs throughout the season. Pearl Harbor Yacht Club usually brings a team of adults and sometimes youth. (Participation pending approval of Sailing Coach). Entry fees vary for these events.  Contact Guy Fleming or see HLA on Facebook for more information and upcoming dates

Juice Box Races

Last Thursday of the month at Rainbow Bay Marina. Be there!  Juice Box is our family-friendly version of beer can races. New to sailing? We'll set you up with others who are experienced. We race Rhodes 19, often with spinnakers. If that's not your jam, you can leisurely sail into the sunset on any boat you are checked off on.

Are you interested in helping us have more events like this? We'd love your help with PHYC Club activities!


Sailing is Bullship!  At least it is at the annual BULLSHIP race at Kaneohe Yacht Club (usually in September each year). This is a fun event for both youth and adult sailors alike with all kinds of crazy prizes. You get to Sail an El Toro around Coconut Island! How cool is that? It's a load of... fun!

Hawaii Associations and Yacht Clubs 

US SAILING - The National Governing Body for the sport of sailing, US Sailing’s mission is to provide leadership for the sport of sailing in the United States. 

HYRA - Hawaii Yacht Racing Association- HYRA's mission is to support offshore yacht racing and class racing. HYRA holds the master calendar for most club related sailing events. 

HYSA - Hawaii Youth Sailing Association - HYSA was founded to encourage, support, and promote the growth of junior sailing and racing in Hawaii. The primary purpose of HYSA is to improve communication and connect junior sailors with sailing programs and available resources.  HYSA maintains and distributes the master calendar for junior sailing clinics, races, and special events.

HLA- Hawaii Laser Association - A series of Laser races each year hosted at various locations. Contact Guy Fleming.

HSF- Hawaii Sailing Foundation - HSF is the organization responsible for managing and distributing funds raised for sailing in Hawaii and for providing sponsorship to youth sailors for off-island national and international competitions.  Its major source of income is the annual Sea Fest fund-raiser conducted each year. 

WAHINE -  The Wahine Sailing Series provides a great a variety of friendly and competitive sailing opportunities for Wahine who are a part of HYRA affiliated yacht clubs.  

HKBC Hawaii Kai Boat Club, Hawaii Kai 

HYC Hawaii Yacht Club, Honolulu 

KYC Kaneohe Yacht Club, Kaneohe 

MKYC Makani Kai Yacht Club, Kaneohe 

PHYC Pearl Harbor Yacht Club, Aiea 

PYC Pacific Yacht Club, Hickam AFB 

RBM Rainbow Bay Marina, Pearl Harbor 

WYC Waikiki Yacht Club, Honolulu

HYRA - 2023

2023 HYRA Calendar