Pearl Harbor Yacht Club Membership

Initiation Fee $20

Dues for New Members joining during a calendar year are prorated. At the end of each month, the membership cost will decrease by $12 off the original value for new members only. Includes hat, shirt or burgee.

Regular Membership $120

Regular Member has full access to events and news. For club business, a Regular Membership gets one vote (i.e. if more than one adult shares a membership, only one vote will be counted). A Regular Membership is Required in order to upgrade to a Family Membership or to add a Junior Sailor.

Junior Membership $50

Junior Memberships are for Junior Sailors between ages of 10 and 18, and dependent of person eligible for Regular Membership.

Unless youth are on the Junior sailing team, they do not need this separate membership.

Absentee Membership $100

Absentee Membership is available for any Regular Member who leaves the Island of Oahu, but retains eligibility for Regular Membership. Absentee Members have full access to events and news, but for club business is not permitted a vote.

Family Members $120 + $50

Family Membership is open to members of the household of a Regular Member. Only one annual membership fee will be required per family.

Family Members are entitled to participate in all events and activities, but only one vote per family will be permitted.


Fill out Form below to join and pay for your membership. Print, sign and upload the Hold Harmless PDF agreement.

2022 PHYC membership fillable.pdf